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  • Alexandra Syzova Allison

10 steps to grow your business through customer education

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

74% of organisations considered customer education to be important, very important, or extremely important for driving sales, increasing brand awareness, improving customer satisfaction, and the frequency in which customers utilise your product, according to Forrester and Thought Industries 2021 Survey. Here are the 10 steps suggested to positively impact your business through customer education:

1. Analyse the current situation

2. Establish the information you need to get across

3. Identify key touchpoints

4. Set broader goals

5. Consider the resources available to you

6. Think about your customers’ learning styles

7. Choose your medium

8. Consider adding a layer of engagement

9. Build it

10. Prepare for it to evolve

And what are your core principles of building learning solutions to empower your customers?

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