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  • Alexandra Syzova Allison

Fundamentals of building great customer education programmes

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

With an overwhelming variety of business services & products becoming available in the market, tech clients usually require a quick solution to help them achieve their targets in the short term.

Customer education workshops are meant to achieve just that:

  • benchmark where client’s organisation is and where they want to be

  • identify the roadblocks and stakeholders

  • streamline strategies and map products embedded into a holistic transformation plan.

Clients walk out from sessions with a tangible output that helps them present a strategy to their wider organisation, as well as introduce a stakeholder approved action plan with tactical solutions.

Learn how to start setting solid foundations for your customer learning solutions strategy from our brief overview based on 15+ years of experience building customer education solutions for global techs.

Customer Education for B2B_how to_zip
Download ZIP • 1.55MB

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