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  • Alexandra Syzova Allison

4 core global marketing trends to optimise your business

Marketing trends have accelerated in change under the current climate, social and economic threats. Deloitte's 2023 Global Marketing Trends report analyses how brand leaders manage to stimulate growth in these conditions for the coming year and suggests four core trends:

- meeting economic instability with marketing investments,

- internal sustainability efforts,

- creativity for growth,

- rising technologies.

According to the research, C-suite executives need to focus on understanding consumer behavior, surpassing customers' expectations, and aligning with customer values, which requires more engagement that traditional marketing can secure, in particular in B2B segment. This year, 38% of CMOs are seeking to exercise human-centered methodologies to understand the customer and enhance customer personalisation, with an additional 12% in the next two years, indicating a new era for marketing. B2B marketing is transforming towards customer education, targeting specific needs, interests, and challenges of an organisation or company through strategic design and personalised content to enhance product knowledge and enhanced usage. Organisations prioritising effective communication and bespoke approaches to clients will not only drive customer loyalty but secure ROI growth while simultaneously building meaningful relationships.

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